Signature Project – Isle of Capri
Not only was this project on a grand scale, but the fact the house is located on a small island, made it a serious logistical challenge for the team. 200 tonnes of sandstone, 250 cubic metres of soil, 100 cubic metres of mulch, 1000 square metres of turf and 65 tonnes of sandstone tiles and wall-cladding later, and the fortress was complete. All the materials used in this gargantuan project were sourced locally, and the team even ensured that the plants chosen for the garden are able to withstand the salt and wind which the exposed position of the house will bring. The landscape surrounding the house will continue to develop over time as the various plantings reach maturity.

The magnificent and striking home is surrounded by a 47-metre long walkway, and stunning lighting features that illuminate the whole house at night time. The sheer scale of the plot of land, exaggerated by the difficulties presented by the limited access to the site, certainly makes this one of the team’s finer achievements!

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