John Diviniti

Absolutely Stunning
Noel and the boys from Bioscapes were recommended to us by some friends, to do a creation in our back yard for us and it’s amazing what he’s come up with. Our brief with Noel was a pool, and a deck and make it user friendly and easy to maintain and he has delivered this magnificent outstanding result. We had no idea that our back yard could be so spectacular.

My wife and I, just to give you an idea had an old cliff face and some broken stairs, rocks falling down and some old trees and he has just transformed this place into an oasis in the middle of the city. The guys that he works with and Noel himself has a vision he can see in something I guess is a bit like Michael Angelo. They said Michael Angelo could see David inside a hunk of marble, well I think Noel has got that sought of vision. He can see things that I couldn’t see and no-one else could see either. The way he has done this dual curved wall and this beautiful deck up the top with this checker board plate that reflects on the pots, it’s just amazing I could go on for hours.

Honestly if you’re looking for some landscaping works to be done don’t hesitate give Noel and the guys at Bioscapes a call absolutely stunning! I cannot give you enough praise I would have them back tomorrow they are a great bunch of guys and they do spectacular work, well done Noel you deserve it.